About Xula Handmade

About Xula Handmade

Hi there! I'm Jessica, founder of Xula Handmade! Xula Handmade is an ethical fashion brand that showcases one-of-a-kind, boho-chic artisanal accessories made by women artisans in Mexico. 

Jessica, founder of Xula Handmade with Artisan Lorenza using a traditional backstrap loom

So what's the story? Back in 2019, I was longing for a way to create connections and opportunities for Mexican Artisans, particularly women and reconnect back with Mexican roots. It wasn't until I visited a Mexican textile market, filled with fun artisanal accessories that the idea of Xula Handmade was born. I knew that I wanted to develop relationships with women artisans, learn about their weaving techniques, their traditions and their story. In January 2020, I traveled to Chiapas, Mexico and connected with a group of amazing indigenous women artisans and the rest is history!

Every piece is product of a collaboration - some of them are a result of the artisan's imagination, and others are special requests or limited edition collections that both the artisan and I collaborate on.

What does Xula mean?

Jessica founder of Xula Handmade standing next to artisans lucy and marcela

So you're probably wondering, what does 'Xula' mean? The word Xula comes from the Mexican word 'Chula', which means 'beautiful'. Every piece is carefully curated and is uniquely and beautifully handmade with love by woman artisans.

My mission is simple: to empower indigenous women artisans in Mexico and help create a self-sustaining form of living through fair trade, while striving to maintain their culture and keep traditions alive. Create social impact.

Thank you for your support - both the artisans and I appreciated it ♥

Name Jessica in cursive
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