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reconnecting back with my roots.

How it started...

As a first generation Mexican-American, I was always brought up to honor my heritage and keep traditions going, even if I was far away from Mexico.

Living in Mexico as a teenager really opened up my eyes to the rich and exciting culture of Mexico. I fell in love - hard.

So naturally, I knew that whenever I decided to start my journey as a #latinaboss, I wanted to create opportunities for artisan women and reconnect back with my Mexican roots.

In 2020, I visited several Mexican textile markets in Chiapas, filled with fun, artisanal textile accessories and POOF. The idea of Xula Handmade was born!

fashion for good.

It's all about empowering.

Xula Handmade is all about empowering indigenous artisan women in Mexico and help create a self-sustaining form of living through fair trade, while striving to maintain their culture and keep traditions alive.

Slow fashion with an impact.

meaning behind the name.

What does Xula mean?

So you're probably wondering, what does 'Xula' mean? The word Xula, pronounced Shula, comes from the Mexican word 'Chula', which means 'beautiful'.

Every piece is carefully curated and is uniquely and beautifully handmade with love by artisan women in Mexico.

Thank you for your support!

Thank you for shopping consciously and helping make a difference with your ethical purchase!