5 creative ways to use Pom-Poms and Tassels!

5 creative ways to use Pom-Poms and Tassels!

Posted by Jessica Romero on

"They're fluffy and cute but how would I even use them?". I get this question a lot and totally get how many people aren't used to seeing handmade poms and tassels, so it's hard for them to visualize their functionality! But in fact, you can use use new tassel in so many ways and repurpose their use! (hello slow fashion!)

So, here are a few ideas on how you can use your Xula Handmade poms and tassels:

Handmade sugar skull tassel in red on a tote bag
Use them as Bag Charms

Hang these boho-chic poms and tassels on your favorite tote, backpack or handbag! This is  one of the top reasons why our customers love our ethically-made poms and tassels. Most are looking to add a handbag accessory to their new Huipil bags and need a tassel that perfectly matches it, that's where we come in!

Cactus Car Charm for Rearview Mirror
Hang as a Cute Car Charm

Why not add a bit of personality to your car with your one-of-a-kind car accessory! Perfect to hang on your rearview mirror.

Handmade Loop Keychain tassel
Use them as a Keychain!

Are your keys missing a special flair? Use your pom or tassel as your new fave keychain! Hint: It will also make it much easier to find your keys in your bag!

Handmade Pink Pom Tassel for Door Kob

Hanging pom tassel on lamp for decoration

Use them as decor pieces!

Looking to add a boho-chic vibe to a nursery or living space? Add a pom! It will surely add a special spark of love to any room, we promise. 

You can also hang them on a wall or a lamp shade - it instantly changes the vibe of any room!


Blue Frida Tassels for Christmas Tree
Use them as ornaments!

Dress up your Christmas Tree different this year with Felt Ornaments! Don't stop with the Christmas Tree - you can also create a custom wreath and add your favorite tassels!

As you can see, you can use your new poms and tassels in SO many ways!

Want to add one to your collection? You can checkout all of our ethically-made and fair trade poms and accessories here. The best part? They're all handmade with love by Indigenous Women Artisans in Chiapas, Mexico. Not only does each ethical purchase help empower them, but it also helps create a sustainable form of income for them and their families. ♥

Let me know how you use your poms and tassels!

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