Tassel Care 101 - How to snip a loose thread

Tassel Care 101 - How to snip a loose thread

Posted by Jessica Romero on

STOP pulling on those loose threads!

So what do you do if you have a loose thread in one of your textile accessories like a pom-pom, tassel, or even tote bag? 

I bet it’s tempting to pull on them but by doing so, you might cause the thread to unravel. Therefore, you compromise the quality and integrity of your accessory.

What should you do instead?

I would recommend lightly combing your tassel with a small 5" comb and with a pair of scissors and snip any loose threads and strands that you find. ✂️

lightly combing a tassel

If you are doing this for one of loomed tote bags, you can skip the combing and just skip to snipping the loose thread. Try to get as close as possible to actual bag. 

This is the safest way to get rid of any loose threads and not compromise the integrity of your textile accessory.

And voila ✨ you have a perfect tassel!

Watch how I snip loose threads on my tassel in this video

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